As a wedding photographer in Phoenix, AZ, I know that your wedding pictures are some of the most important pictures of your lifetime, they give a visual representation of families, personalities, style, and relationships. The pictures are meaningful and powerful as they capture a pivotal historic moment in your life. Over the years, this being my twenty-third year, couples have told me my style of photography is classic and elegant while my presence at your event is nearly invisible. My first seven years were in Kansas City,then thirteen years photographing weddings full time in New York City,Manhattan. The last four years I've lived in Phoenix/Sedona and photograph weddings and portraits, using the beautiful backdrop of nature here with its sparkling light creating gorgeous images. Although I am familiar with digital photography, my preference in creating an elegant, classic look is with traditional film, color, and b&w, rendering an organic textural analog image that you can emotionally feel.

Mark Nelson is also a real estate photographer in the Phoenix area.

This large format film camera, the type used by Ansel Adams, is my preference for taking portraits in Sedona. The beauty and quality of the images this camera can yield are astonishing and it's an art form in using it. I have a full range of lenses going back as far as the 1930's to the present that renders many evocative looks.

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